Lladro Restoration
by Robert G. Bahna

"Everything broken
is new again "
(Since 1962)

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Robert G. Bahna
11570 NE 22 Drive
N.Miami, FL. 33181
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Museum Quality Restoration

I do the finest and highest quality restoration of ceramic, china, glass, majolica, porcelain, and terra cotta items.I reconstruct missing pieces. Missing parts will be skillfully recreated.

All of my work meets museum standards of craftsmanship and professionalism.
Using the amazing art of invisible restoration, your heirlooms will display as if they were never damaged.

Chips, cracks and previously glued pieces will be invisibly restored. Restored items are for display only. They can not be submerged in hot water or cleaned with detergents or solvents.

Your fine collectibles will receive personal and professional care at my studio.

Pieces will be bonded with specially formulated bases that do not yellow with age.

Chips and cracks are filled and missing pieces can be sculpted and molded to restore the original details. I then match the colors and textures for a complete invisible restoration.

I am careful to only paint the damaged area. Previously glued pieces can be taken apart and restored with excellent results.

My goal is to return your piece to as close to the original artists work as possible.

Figurines,Vases, Pottery, Antique Picture Frames, Lamps, Family Heirlooms, Jade, Ivory, Glass, Crystal, and items made of many other materials can be restored.

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